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E-Z-GO confirmed as market leader

8.30am 14th November 2001 - Corporate

According to an independent study conducted by the Golf Research Group, a specialist organization with offices in London and San Francisco providing research and consultancy advice on all aspects of golf, E-Z-GO is the undisputed No.1 golf car.

The third-party study, which involved a course-by-course survey of every golf course in the US, determined that E-Z-GO captured 46.5% of the golf car market in the United States in 2000, with its closest competitor registering 37%. The study also showed that E-Z-GO was No.1 in 1999 with 43.4% of the market. The next closest competitor had 35.3%.

Peter Bell, marketing director of Ipswich-based Textron Golf, Turf & Specialty Products, commented, “This study simply validates what we have been saying for years. We have always maintained that E-Z-GO is the leader in the golf car industry, based on a range of statistics such as number of golf cars manufactured, number of golf courses that use E-Z-GO, the fact that E-Z-GO has contracts with nine of the top 10 golf course management companies in the world, including the top three – and more. But this study really ends the debate among our competition as to who is the undisputed leader. With almost 47% of the US market and similar penetration around the globe, E-Z-GO is clearly No. 1 in the industry.”


Golf Research Group

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