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Drought concerns dampened by DLF – J3/J4

12.15am 16th May 2006 - Corporate

New mixtures from Johnsons Sport and Amenity at DLF Trifolium have been designed with the current drought issue and subsequent threat of extensive hose pipe bans in mind.
J3 and J4 include top rated cultivars such as the unique Sheeps Fescue, Quatro which is very drought tolerant. Other species which offer a similar advantage are Tall Fescue and related fescues such as Creeping Red Fescue, which offers the additional benefit of being visually attractive.
Regular overseeding with Fescue based mixtures can be another alternative to more conventional methods using a high content of Poa Annua.
J3 and J4 are available from Johnsons Sport and Amenity and include top Chewings Fescues such as Carioke, Musica and Darwin, as well as Leonora and Cezanne Creeping Red Fescues.
The Company’s website contains much information on the management of golf courses where sustainability is a key issue.

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