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ClearWater in Scotland

1.26am 10th December 2012 - Corporate

Quentin Allardice – Managing Director of TIS

To build on existing systems installed, Highspeed Group Ltd has appointed a sales agent to help bring about their ClearWater system development plans in Scotland.

Turf Irrigation Services (TIS) under the leadership of Managing Director Quentin Allardice have taken on the responsibility for sales, servicing and installation of Highspeed’s much acclaimed recycling system. Highspeed Group’s MD, David Mears told us; “TIS have an established business offering water management solutions for the golf sector and beyond. With this experience and their contacts, it made sense to select them to represent us in this important market. We are pleased to have them join us and be part of our expansion programme.”

TIS’s appointment is an important part of the new initiative from Highspeed Group Ltd to expand sales further in the UK, mainland Europe and the US.

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