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Catching crooks and vandals on CCTV

12.15am 15th October 2007 - Corporate

Over the last few years security at golf clubs has become a greater issue than ever before. There are problems of cars being deliberately damaged in car parks, raids upon the stock held in the professional’s shops and thefts of the extremely expensive equipment stored in greenkeepers’ compounds.

An adequate CCTV system, along with modern barriers and ‘door access’ technology can reduce the impact of crooks and vandals around golf club buildings but deliberate vandalism which targets the golf course itself has been almost impossible to prevent – until now.

Course vandals usually attack parts of the golf course furthest away from the club buildings and almost always during the hours of darkness. It would be difficult to pay for enough security staff to catch the villains ‘in the act’ but now there is a product, supplied by T & L Techno Ltd, which is a self contained system for surveillance and recording. It is a complete wireless system not requiring electricity, line of sight or any other facilities normally associated with CCTV.

Joe Lenart of T & L Techno says, “We have been selling the fully computerised ‘RASS*’ security surveillance system to golf clubs for a number of years and felt that we could come up with a product that would help with the problem of course vandalism. The technology in CCTV has been moving forward at a fast rate and it is now possible for us to transmit live camera video over distances of up to 10 kilometres.

“This has been possible for a few years but the cost was ‘astronomical’. We have come up with two versions of a movable CCTV camera, pole or trailer mounted at an affordable price. If the villains move to another part of the golf club property the equipment can be moved very easily to their new ‘stomping’ grounds. When linked to the ‘RASS*’ or other quality CCTV recording system the videos are saved to hard drives and then burned to a CD.

“Even better are the systems which have extra monitors, in the clubhouse for example, where specific areas of the golf course can be monitored ‘live’ and action immediately taken to apprehend the offenders.”

‘RASS* Roamer’ systems

*Remote Access Security Surveillance


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