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Lynx sets up fundraising effort to support NHS staff

12.19pm 31st March 2020 - Coronavirus News

Lynx Golf is launching an initiative to thank NHS staff who have been risking their own health and lives to save those affected by coronavirus. 

Stephanie Zinser, Lynx Golf’s owner, said: “From April 1 until June 30, we are giving 20% of the value of every online order over £50 to a fund for the support of NHS staff. We will gather the funds and source a worthy arm or sector of the NHS to give these funds to. It may be a benevolent fund for bereaved families of NHS workers, or another under-funded arm of the NHS, but our primary aim is to help those who are so generously and selflessly helping us all. As you can imagine, with a situation as fast-paced as this, we need time to find the right vehicle.”

She added: “We all recognise the destruction that COVID-19 is having. We have seen unprecedented loss of loved ones, jobs, earnings, livelihoods. We also realise that amongst all the chaos, there are those who remain steadfast in their resolve and determination to see as many of us survive this global catastrophe as possible, and given our place as the only global British golf manufacturer, it is only right and fitting that we support those who support us in the UK.”

“As a business, Covid-19 has obviously had a devastating effect on golf, and we are working with literally a skeleton staff, but it doesn’t mean we have to lose our hearts because we’ve temporarily lost our muscle. Steve (Elford, CEO and co-owner) and I have been watching the news constantly, and the one running theme of all of this is those who put others first. So we thought we could and should put them first in our lives too.”

“We want to support golf and golfers, but we also want to demonstrate that we understand where true north lies. Therefore, for the next three months, we are going to donate 20% of the value of every purchase over £50 made on our website over the next three months to a fund. We will search for the most deserving NHS support fund we can find, and will donate any money gathered as a result, to that. It is absolutely feels like the right thing to do.”

If you would like to suggest a worthy cause, please email


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