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‘Keep Golf Open’ Petition Calls For All Golfers To Sign

6.06pm 20th March 2020 - Coronavirus NewsMedia

A petition started by the UK Golf Federation to Keep Golf Open during the current virus outbreak has already been signed by nearly 12,000 people – but far more signatures are needed if it is to have any effect.

The #KEEPGOLFOPEN petition can be found on HERE

With golf clubs nationwide taking virus-protection measures to enable them to keep their golf courses open, the UK Golf Federation has called for all golfers to sign a petition to make the UK government aware of the benefits inherent in playing golf while we all deal with the implications of Coronavirus COVID-19.

The UK Golf Federation is also asking all golfers to circulate the petition link on social media. “Our message to the government is keep golf open” said Doug Poole, CEO, “But we cannot do this alone. So our message to all golf lovers, and to the two million-plus people who play golf in the UK each week, is equally simple: please sign this petition!

“We believe that a golf course is a safe outdoor space as it requires no person-to-person contact and it is easy to achieve effective social distancing. With some simple behaviour changes golfers can play on with no need for alarm, and it has been proven that fresh air, sunshine and exercise benefit the immune system, as well as promoting well-being during this very challenging time.

“Changing your shoes in the car park, leaving the flag in, not shaking hands and not using golf buggies or bunker rakes are just some of the ways you can play golf safely during the outbreak. There are dozens of excellent tips about this circulating widely on the web already.

“But we need signatures fast, so that we can encourage government to take a special look at the sport of golf over the next few days.”

And Poole is well aware that social media has a huge role to play if the petition is to be successful.

“Once you have signed the petition, please Share it on your social media feeds and ask all your golfing friends to do the same” he said.

Poole was interviewed yesterday on Sky Sports News about the #KEEPGOLFOPEN campaign. This can be viewed HERE the package also features Richard Beadles, Owner/ Managing Director of Brampton Park Golf Club.

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