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Free COVID-19 Marketing Support Generates Immediate New Members

11.45am 13th May 2020 - Coronavirus NewsManagement Topics

Barely more than three weeks ago Intuitive Edge announced their offer of FREE membership marketing support for golf clubs to help combat the impact of COVID-19. In that time, 62 golf clubs across 5 countries have already reached out to take advantage.

But will it work? Yes, and heres why:

New Zealand lifted their lockdown late April, so IE launched the social media campaign for New Zealand’s Harewood Golf Club the day before golf reopened.

First 24 hours:

26 membership enquiries

To date (14 days):

All of this with almost zero cost to the club

Brandon Trimmer, director of Intuitive Edge, says ‘it’s come as no surprise that the demand for golf is there. It’s been talked about a lot in the industry and the general feeling is very positive, but to see such quick results takes this from theory to reality and is fantastic to see. And, the fact we launched a similar campaign for a UK club a week later and they saw their first new member within 24 hours shows this is no fluke.’

With golf one of the few sports open for play for the next several weeks at least, this could be one of the best opportunities the golf industry has seen to boost participations numbers for a long, long time.

Intuitive Edge are continuing this offer of Free support for the foreseeable future, during what is arguably the best time for golf clubs to advertise in recent memory.

To take advantage simply contact Intuitive Edge (below), and for the sceptics Brandon answers some FAQs:

  1. Whats the catch with this campaign; is it actually free? Yep, it’s completely free and there is no catch. We’ll create everything for you and publish the campaign 100% free of charge, the only cost to you would be ad budget but this is at your discretion.
  2. Do we have to discount our membership? No. Current members must come first, and we understand that many clubs have a big percentage of their membership who have stuck by them and paid their subs so the last thing we want to do is upset these loyal members. So, if you don’t have or don’t want to offer joining incentives, we’ll work with you to ensure the campaign is still effective.
  3. Do we have to commit to future work? Absolutely not – this is simply an offer of support through these tough times with no commitment to even speak to us again afterwards.
  4. Will it work for us? In nearly 6 years, we have never had a golf club that hasn’t seen results from our marketing support, including clubs in extremely remote locations. So, yes, it almost certainly will.
  5. Why are you doing this? If you’ve worked with us before you know how we operate. We always do what we can to go above and beyond, and, as a team of golfers ourselves, we’re simply doing our bit to support the industry and help as many clubs as we can begin to generate revenue again as quickly as Government regulations allow.

If this is of interest to your club and you’d like more info, you can contact Intuitive Edge by emailing here –


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