Goodbye Golfer’s Handbook

April 21st, 2015

The R&A has decided to cease publication of the R&A Golfer’s Handbook. There will be no 2015 edition. After a publishing history dating back to 1899 one presumes that this decision will not have been taken lightly and is based upon lack of sales, demonstrating lack of interest by the golfing public, despite the fact that Handbook was presented as ‘the ultimate reference guide to the world of golf – a book that no true player, fan or follower should be without’.

So far I have heard few complaints, which may be symbolic of the lack of general interest (or perhaps it’s because this news is not yet widely known). By the way, I have a gap in my collection: has anyone got a spare copy of the edition published in 2000?

Geoff Russell, Publisher


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Oxfordshire, England OX10 7HH

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