Following the Golf from Rio

August 12th, 2016

Unless you live in a country where you can receive complete live coverage via, say, The Golf Channel you might be struggling to find out what’s going on. You will, of course, know all about Justin Rose and his hole-on-one because that was featured on the main evening news reports (thanks, Justin) but I haven’t yet found a better media service in the UK than BBC TV and the one provided via the International Golf Federation and the links from

Twitter, Facebook ,Instagram and Youtube

Any suggestions of additional sources of coverage will be gratefully reported next week in good time for the Women’s Event which starts on Wednesday 17th August.

Geoff Russell, Publisher


  1. SkyCaddie Steve re-maps Scotland
  2. Nicklaus golf course at Ury tees off
  3. Rockliffe Hall appoints new Director of Golf
  4. Sportingclass launch flexible members club with AMEX partnership
  5. Darren Clarke CBD appoints GMS to drive UK launch
  6. Inrange® announces partnership with aboutGOLF®
  7. Golf industry invited to join new PGA membership groups
  8. The Grove promotes from within for two key management roles
  9. Tour players suffer mental health issues on the road, says study
  10. Bucket Pros announce first Spanish partnership Ltd, 5-7 High Street, Dorchester-on-Thames
Oxfordshire, England OX10 7HH

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