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The Need for Speed

‘Pace of Play’ is back in our newsletter this week. First, at Golf Live this weekend there is the attempt by a team led by Chris Evans, and including Colin Montgomerie and Gary Player, who will try to break the world-record for the fastest 18-holes of golf . You will probably be amazed to learn that this currently stands at seven minutes and 56 seconds! For more information  select 

Then there is the launch of 60 60 Golf  a new, interactive golf game designed to be fast, cheap and accessible and which aims to attract a brand new audience to driving ranges and golf clubs. This was well-received at its media launch a few days ago and we are pleased to commend it.

There is no doubt that doing something about the Pace of Play is a topic that exercises almost everyone in golf and on my travels earlier this year I was lucky enough to meet someone who has established a reputation as something of a ‘guru’ on this subject. He is William M. Yates, Jr., a resident of Pebble Beach and the Founder of Pace Manager Systems. Have a look at his website You can thank me later.

Geoff Russell, Editor

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