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Thank you Seve

Tributes to Seve Ballesteros have talked about his charisma, genius, leadership and strength of character.

He has been described as flamboyant, swashbuckling, entertaining and emotional – an all-time great, a legend, an icon.

He transformed the image of golf, making the sport exciting and sexy rather than dull and middle-aged. With others he was responsible for turning The Ryder Cup from a fairly tedious, predictable event into a passionate, exciting contest which attracted world-wide interest and media coverage.

All of this made golf into an international box-office success, attracting new sponsors and new money into the sport. Seve propelled golf into public awareness and inspired many to take up the game. Millions of people who had never actually met him, loved him just as if they had.

Those of us anywhere in the golf business owe Seve a huge debt of gratitude. It’s a bigger, more exciting and better rewarded activity because of him. Thank you Seve.

Geoff Russell, Editor

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