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Golf Industry News - earnings per share

Callaway Golf reports double-digit increases in sales, net income and earnings per share. ‘Net sales of clubs, accessories and balls totalling $705 million for the first nine months of 2000 is a new record for Callaway Golf,’ reported Ely Callaway, Founder, Chairman and CEO

A continued improvement across all measures is announced in the half year ended 30 June 2000. The results showed a profit before tax of £1,207,000 (1999 - £1,061,000) on turnover of £4,123,000 (1999 - £3,692,000). Earnings per share were 1.3p (1999 – 1.0p). Neil Coles, Chairman, commented, ‘The Group is entering a new phase of its development. With the completion of the current construction programme and each facility becoming operational we are now looking to extract the maximum from our assets. Our courses are all at different stages of maturity and there is plenty of opportunity to exploit our portfolio further.‘

Net Income is up 26%, earnings per share up 22% and golf club production is at record levels