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Something you CAN rely on

Writing this within the same 24 hours that Germany lose to Italy in the Euro 2012 Football semi-finals ( ‘Soccer’ for our American readers),  that Raffa Nadal is defeated in the 2nd round of Wimbledon, and that ‘once-in-50-year’ freak storms cause disruption across many parts of England, it occurs to me that it’s good that readers can look forward to their Newsletter arriving every week (well, so far, anyway).

Readers should also be able to rely upon the accuracy of our reports,  so when we get something wrong or publish something that might be misleading, we do try to put things right soon afterwards. That is why, despite all the efforts that we make to get our facts right and to express ourselves with total clarity, it is sometimes necessary to publish a correction – see below.

Until next week…..

Geoff Russell, Editor

HowDidiDo – correction

In a report recently published on reference was made to a website which contained a ‘how did I do’ section.

HowDidiDo is a registered trademark of Club Systems International Ltd and the name of an extremely successful website which is used by over 350,000 golfers – the largest network of golfers in Europe.

We wish to make it clear that neither Club Systems International Ltd nor HowDidiDo has any connection to or association with any other company, website and/or trademark.

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