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No time for ‘The Miserables’

Judging by the number of news stories that have come my way this week, the golf business has gone back to work refreshed and reinvigorated, ready for what will undoubtedly be a challenging year. Many courses are closed as is normal at this time; even at those which remain open, playable hours are very limited, but with BTME in Harrogate, The PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, and The Golf Industry Show in San Diego all fast approaching I can already detect a mood of anticipation coupled with excitement.

At each of these events there are excellent opportunities for educational enlightenment and personal development, coupled with the annual stimulation of enthusiasm that comes from exchanging ideas with colleagues and networking with industry professionals. This is no time to be downhearted (but I’m looking forward to seeing the movie!).

Geoff Russell, Editor.

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