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Toro adopts Asia-Pacific’s first award for ‘Eco Friendly Golf’

8.10am 6th March 2008 - Sponsorship

The Toro Company today announced its decision to adopt Asia Pacific’s first-ever award for the Best Environmental and Socially Responsible Golf Course. It will be presented at the 2008 Asia Pacific Golf Development Summit at Mission Hills, China on 2nd – 4th December.

This award is intended to spearhead an awareness amongst golf course owners and operators on the urgent need to be conscious of the effect and impact that golf courses have on the environment.

“We believe that this recognition programme is very timely given the exponential growth of golf courses in the Asia Pacific region and The Toro Company is honoured to support this effort,” declared Toro’s Karla Holmquist.

“We‘re honoured to have The Toro Company as the sponsor of this prestigious award and we look forward to growing this programme in the years to come,” said Mike Sebastian, managing director of Asia Pacific Golf Development Conferences Pte Ltd.

The selection of the award winner will be decided by a specially appointed panel of judges that will be conducted by IGOLF in conjunction with Asian Golf Monthly.

IGOLF-International Golf and Life Foundation is a Swiss-based international non-governmental organization that promotes environmental and social responsibility in golf worldwide. Southeast Asia is one of IGOLF’s focal regions due to the dramatic increase in golf courses and players in the region, the importance of the sport to tourism, and the numerous opportunities to improve the environment and society in which we live.

The primary objective of this award is to recognise excellence in golf course operations which improve and protect the environment and support local communities and heritage. It is believed that properly managed golf courses can have a positive impact on the environment and their neighbouring communities.

The Award for Environmental and Social Excellence will recognise courses that have made a serious effort to improve the world in which we live and improve the lives of both people and nature.

The selection criteria for the programme will include:
* Respect for the environment;
* Chemicals – limit use, seek safer, perhaps biological, options;
* Recycle/re-use – use “grey” water, efficient irrigation, recycle waste;
* Pollution/power – reduce emissions;
* Biological diversity – protect watershed, provide habitats for wildlife;
* Social responsibility
* Caddies – provide professional training;
* Staff – Provide fair working conditions and wages;
* Community relations/heritage – support local development, respect historic sites;
* Land acquisition – acquire land legally and fairly;

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