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Text ‘Golf19’ and help Golf Foundation reach a million children

9.05am 23rd March 2012 - Sponsorship

The Golf Monthly team are the first to text in

The Golf Foundation is asking all its supporters to text Golf19 £2 and help the charity to reach one million new golfers every year, providing children from all backgrounds with the chance to enjoy a game which offers them significant life skills as they develop.

Mike Round, Chief Executive of the Golf Foundation, said: “When our team asks golf club members whether they would be happy to donate £2 to support the next generation of young golfers, the answer is always ‘Of course, no question!’ Everyone wants to help many young children get their start in golf, a chance that we club members have enjoyed ourselves.

“However, collecting £2 from every adult golfer has been a difficult logistical problem. The launch of the Golf19 campaign changes all this at a stroke. It’s time to support the next generation of golfers and give some quids for the kids!”

Mike added: “We believe this simple fundraising call-to-action has a catchy name in Golf19; it’s easy for golfers to remember and the great thing is for the price of a post-round cuppa or pint, all golfers can help the next generation.”

The Golf19 campaign was officially launched in the May issue of Golf Monthly magazine and through its website, reaching a combined readership of more than 500,000 golfers each month.

The importance of Golf19 is huge. Through its national programme, HSBC Golf Roots, the Golf Foundation is a national charity striving to make golf more accessible to boys and girls from rural, urban and inner city areas. It also has plans to reach more disabled children.

Its committed team of regional development officers have worked tirelessly with schools, communities and golf clubs to increase participation (with startling figures for growth in school golf and much healthier recent links between schools and clubs).

All golfers can simply text ‘Golf19 £2’ to 70070 and all the money goes through to the Golf Foundation. It doesn’t have to be limited to £2 of course, you can text £5 or £10 if this is affordable. The method of payment is completely secure; you will receive a confirmation text when you make the donation and a see a £2 charge next to the 70070 number on your next mobile phone bill.

The Golf Foundation is aiming to reach one million children per year through its national programme, HSBC Golf Roots. To achieve this, it has a fundraising target of £3 million per year. The charity is already supported by The R&A, The European Tour, the Professional Golfers’ Association, the Ryder Cup Committee and Trust, the British Golf Industry Association’s ‘Grow Golf’ Fund, Sport England and headline sponsor HSBC, who collectively contribute just under £2 million.

If golf clubs and club members help the Foundation to reach the fundraising target, the charity will not only be able to generate future club members, but will also have a positive impact on the lives of many, many children and young people.

Simply text ‘Golf19 £2’ to 70070 and help young golfers get a start. Check with the bill-payer first; standard text charges apply.

HSBC Golf Roots and the Golf Foundation

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