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Tacit Agreement as PGA Expands Official Suppliers

12.26am 16th January 2012 - Sponsorship

Tim Webb, Tacit manager director (right) with Robert Maxfield, PGA Commercial and Property director (courtesy of Adrian Milledge)

The PGA has extended its official supplier portfolio with the addition of leading golf equipment and furnishings firm Tacit.

Rugby-based Tacit produce a range of on-course material including flags, pins, cups and other course equipment which is used by leading clubs in the UK and abroad.

Manager director Tim Webb whose parents started the family-run business 25 years ago is hoping the relationship will help increase their profile among PGA professionals and also provide them with additional commercial opportunities.

“We are well-known in the green-keeping industry but not so well known on the pro side of things,” said Webb. “We work with around 65 per cent of clubs in the UK and believe there are lots of things that pros can do to improve their captain’s days, pro-ams or society days with the opportunity to up-sell so many of our products.

“We can do bespoke flags, banners, cup inserts and a wide range of course related products that the pro can utilise to create value for sponsors and also help their clubs generate a margin.

“There is a revenue stream that is not being tapped into by a lot of pros. Among some of the ideas, popular inIrelandfor example, is the presentation of a memento flag to the outgoing club captain or club pin flags sold in the pro shop.”

Tacit is an established golf brand and is also well known in rugby and football circles. It has good links inFranceandSwedenwhile new business is taking off inTurkeyandGreece.

The company is also making forays intoAmericawhere it will dressChambersBayfor the 2015 US Open.

“We are a top-end down company and quality and service is our strength,” added Webb. “The important thing is making sure the customer gets what the customer really wants. More and more clubs appreciate the importance of how the course is presented and dressing the course for a special event can really show the efforts that have gone into organising the day. It is the little things that people notice and attention to detail for corporate events or captains’ days make a difference.”

Webb’s father had the idea for the business more than two decades ago after playing a round of golf and seeing an opening to improve the look and set up of a course.

“My father thought there must be a market here and although his original idea for a tee marker initially didn’t take off he developed a unique locking system for a ferule with lugs and a hole cup with corresponding grooves which made it impossible for pins to be blown out even in tough conditions – as evidenced at the Open at St Andrews two years ago,” added Webb.

Since then the firm has grown to include a 26-strong staff which manufactures everything on itsRugbysite set on its own 140 acre testing area.

Robert Maxfield, PGA Commercial and Property Director, commented: “We are delighted to welcome Tacit as an official supplier.  Tacit have a strong history and heritage and we look forward to working with them to provide opportunities for PGA members and enhancing our PGA branded properties throughout the world.”


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