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Stewart Golf saves the day at Augusta

7.53am 1st April 2021 - Sponsorship

The organisers of this year’s Masters Tournament at Augusta have arranged a fleet of Stewart Golf X10 Follow trolleys to carry the player’s bags after new Covid restrictions meant that caddies are unable to be on site for the event.

“We approached Stewart Golf after it became clear that we wouldn’t be able to accommodate caddies this year,” an Augusta National spokesperson said. “After cancelling the Par 3 contest, it was only a matter of time before further restrictions had to come into force. The X10 Follow cart is the next best thing to a caddie, and the white version fits perfectly with our traditional colour scheme.”

Stewart Golf has supplied 92 of the company’s latest X10 Follow trolleys in Pearlescent White. The fleet will be complete with the traditional player name tags and numbers, with #1 reserved for 2020 winner Dustin Johnson.

One PGA Tour winner – who wanted to remain anonymous – said: “Most of the players are actually happy with this change. Ever since rangefinders were allowed earlier this year, my bagman has had very little to do other than carry my bats and snacks. This change will save me 10% too!”

Stewart Golf USA’s US Marketing Manager, April Fuels, added: “Customers are constantly telling us that our Follow system is like having a caddy, so where better than Augusta to have the opportunity to prove it in a live tournament?”

Sarah Connor of the Tour Caddies Association said: “Autonomous robots have no place in our world. These things will become self-aware and will start hitting balls themselves. They’ll take over completely. You’ve been warned.”

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