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9.41am 8th June 2015 - Sponsorship

Robert Rock
Robert Rock

This season sees bold prints prevailing, adding texture and style to any outfit. One of the strongest prints to note which has been hitting the fairways recently, has been the camouflage pattern which has been featuring on a range of apparel and accessories, helping golfers to blend in or stand out.

One person unafraid to stand out, is Wolsey Pioneer and ambassador, Robert Rock. Naming his style icon as model David Gandy, Rock claims to follow the latest fashions, although he thanks Wolsey for helping him to keep ahead of the curve with their range of stand-out seasonal pieces.

Noticing that there’s more to his style than just his hair, leading online golf retailer,, recently announced a partnership with Rock and have collated the finest on-trend graphic pieces from pioneering brands including Wolsey, RLX Ralph Lauren and J.Lindeberg.

It’s almost surprising to think that Wolsey is more than 250 years old as it gives Rock a modern edge and the striking blue camouflage print from the SS15 line has certainly been turning heads during recent tournaments. Defending his choice to wear the bold print, he said: “Golfers kind of get stuck in their ways; we just get used to putting on the same stuff on every day – the same polo shirt and pair of trousers – and that can get really boring.”

He said: “Golf fashion has changed a lot over the years. If you look back 40-50 years it really wasn’t that great. It’s when some of the bigger brands like Wolsey start coming along with their bold prints and colours that people really sit up and take notice”.

The days when fashion didn’t matter are all but gone, and, in recent years, everyone seems to be making some kind of statement. Professional golfers are receiving a considerable amount of attention for the way they dress and brands are doing their best to keep up with changes in fashion. Golfers are really starting to take note, Rock said: “If you’d have asked me 5 years ago if I’d have been wearing something like this I would have said absolutely not but now I’ve embraced it.”


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