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P4M Golf Destined To Deliver Better ‘P4Mance’

4.04pm 5th September 2016 - Sponsorship

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P4M Golf Management websiteP4M Golf, a newly founded golf management company, has today announced it will provide management services to both golf clubs and touring professionals. The Scandinavian based company will offer a range of pre and post opening services to new and existing golf clubs within Europe as well as provide principal management services to professional golfers.

P4M Golf founded by former Leisurecorp and Troon Golf associate Marc Potter draws upon 20 years of experience developing and operating some of the world’s finest golf clubs to provide a modern and inimitable approach to golf management. P4M Golf will encapsulate new ideas for the next generation of golfers.

Potter said, “There are a number of golfing operations in emerging and more traditional golfing markets that require professional expertise and I am excited to offer a range of services to help each of these businesses perform to their best.”

In addition to providing management services to clubs, P4M will offer specialized services for players. These services will not only focus on the business side of professional contracts and endorsements but include career planning advice and brand development.

“I felt the timing was right following golf’s return to the Olympics to start something new,” Potter spoke of his foray into golf representation. “Seeing golf exposed to an audience of 3.6 billion and watching a star like Justin Rose embody the spirit of the Olympics shows that the sport has a bright future. There are many professional golfers who can draw inspiration from someone who ‘gets it’ and likewise need professional guidance in their career,he added.

P4M Golf Management is a multifaceted management company providing management and advisory services to professional tour players, golf clubs and related businesses. For the latest news and information connect with P4M on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram

P4M Golf Management

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