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KPMG and LET develop education programme for female tour Pros

3.43pm 24th November 2017 - Sponsorship

KPMG and the Ladies European Tour (LET) have committed to work together to produce a new resource that will give the LET members access to high quality educational material so that they can continue to invest in their own personal development whilst competing on the tour.

from left: Scott Ward, Dr Kitrina Douglas, Alison Nicholas, Rosie Davies and Mike Round.

Introducing the idea, Mike Round, Director of Development for the LET said: “We believe we have a duty of care to the membership, so we are working with KPMG to develop a resource that will promote the benefits of lifelong learning. All the evidence suggests that a good understanding of dual careers can actually improve performance, help players to enjoy long and productive careers in the sport, and help them to prepare for when their playing careers come to an end. In addition, a number of studies suggest that a continued involvement in educational activity can help elite athletes avoid mental health problems.”

Unlike other sports organisations, the LET is not able to educate its players on a team-by-team or club-by-club basis, so it has been searching for a more innovative solution. The ‘Personal Development Programme for Athletes’ being developed by KPMG includes a unique portal that will give top level athletes access to a flexible learning facility. This provides a solution for the LET that will mean players will be able to download material at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Describing the modules to be incorporated into the scheme, Scott Ward, KPMG’s Head of Personal Development Programme for Athletes, said: “The aim is to provide appropriate support for the players as they progress through their careers. We are aware that this is already a well-qualified group, but we plan to include topics that will further enhance their knowledge and employability. The players will benefit from finding out more about public speaking, networking skills, employability, the business environment, business skills and issues specific to women in the workplace.” He added: “The facility will also enable us to include relevant videos, documents and encourage interaction between the players.”

Linking this to one of golf’s hot topics, encouraging more women and families into the sport, Mike believes that this initiative will have a significant positive impact further down the track. He said: “With our LET, LETAS and Alumni members, we have a small army of females who have the potential to move into positions of influence and leadership in golf. Involving more women in the decision-making process will lead to a deeper understanding of what women and families are looking for and how golf could be presented to better meet their wants and needs.”

It is hoped that others will join KPMG and the LET so that the scope and scale of this exciting initiative can be enhanced. For more information, contact Mike Round at the LET or Scott Ward at KPMG.

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