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Italy’s 2022 Ryder Cup Bid Receives Significant Boost

10.53am 19th October 2015 - Sponsorship

Italy 2022 Ryder Cup Bid logo.Italy’s 2022 Ryder Cup bid has received a significant boost as the Italian government, led by the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, added their unequivocal support to the endeavours of the Italy 2022 bid for Rome, one of the world’s most historic and romantic cities, to host The 2022 Ryder Cup Match.

With the proven economic impact of The Ryder Cup in terms of direct and indirect revenue in terms of tourism as well as the legacy of an invigorated golf industry, Italy’s passion to host one of golf’s most important events has resulted in unprecedented government buy in and support.

Giovanni Malagò President of CONI (The Italian Olympic Committee) commented: “The government have been fantastic in their support for this bid throughout the process and, alongside our 2024 Olympic bid, we are looking to build a strong foundation for Italy on the global sporting calendar. We are proud that The Ryder Cup has been embraced by not only the State government but also the Regions of Lazio and Guidonia as well as the City of Rome.”

Alessandro Castellano, CEO of SACE which will arrange the guarantee package for the bid, commented: “I travel all around the world and everyone I meet is so excited when they hear that Rome might be the venue of the 2022 Ryder Cup as they think it would be the perfect location. It is such an important global sporting event and we would be so honoured to host it against the backdrop of our beautiful City.

“We are hopeful to welcome these great modern golfing gladiators to our Capital City and believe that with the wonders of Rome together with our famed Italian hospitality, we will be able to also impart some fabulous elements of our life and culture to the benefit of this great event if we are given this opportunity.”

The first official Ryder Cup took place in 1927, initially a match played between America and Great Britain, the Great Britain team was extended to include Europe in 1979. The Ryder Cup is a competition played every two years and is hosted alternatively by Europe and the US. The 2022 edition will be hosted in Europe.

The 1997 edition in Spain and upcoming 2018 edition in France are the only two cases in Europe where the Ryder Cup takes place outside of the United Kingdom. Golf’s global popularity – 61 million players in over 120 nations – associated to the presence of the best players in the world make the Ryder Cup a unique event.

Hosting Ryder Cup 2022 would represent a unique opportunity for Italy and Rome as this is golf’s most important tournament and is the third most popular sport event in the world – second only to the Olympic Games and the Football World Cup for media coverage.

Over 250,000 fans attended the 2014 Ryder Cup at Gleneagles from 96 countries; 192 countries received the Ryder Cup broadcast shown on 53 TV channels, reaching over 500 million households.

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