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H4H acknowledge UK’s biggest Amateur Charity Golf Event

8.00am 17th October 2011 - Sponsorship

Stacey Jeffries (Volvo NGCC Event Director) with Bryn Parry (Help for Heroes CEO and Co-Founder)

The National Golf Club Challenge, sponsored by Volvo, are very pleased to have been recognised at a recent Help for Heroes (H4H) awards evening. The awards dinner was hosted by Help for Heroes founders Bryn and Emma Parry with the purpose of recognising fundraising projects that have given outstanding support to the Help for Heroes charity.

In receiving the Hero Award, the Volvo National Golf Club Challenge Event Director Stacey Jeffries commented, “It’s wonderful that the challenge won an award but as I stated on the night, it is dedicated to all the golfers and clubs that have supported our events. I’m just a guy that loves golf and is passionate about helping our injured troops; the real credit goes to all the fundraisers, golfers, supporters and sponsors that continue to make the challenge a wonderful success.”

The stirring awards evening was held at Tedworth House which is being converted using Help for Heroes funds to become a major rehabilitation centre with state of the art equipment and facilities.

Commenting on the National Golf Club Challenge’s success, Bryn Parry OBE, CEO and Help for Heroes co-founder said, “Everyone at Help for Heroes (H4H) is thankful for The National Golf Club Challenge’s achievements over the last two years. You, as golfers, have made a significant difference to the lives of our wounded Heroes and Help for Heroes thank you for your support and dedication.”

Looking to the future, Bryn continued, “The Road to Recovery is a very long and hard path, these are young men and women today but they will grow old.

“We at H4H want to ensure that when the current level of public support has passed, as it inevitably will, they are not forgotten; they deserve the best and we are doing our best to get it.

“So, I encourage Golf Clubs and Golfers across the nation,” Bryn concludes “to take up the challenge in June 2012 to make next year’s event the most successful yet. Your support has been invaluable and we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you; we are truly grateful.”

2012 Volvo National Golf Club Challenge

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