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Golfbidder Extends PGA Partnership

12.05am 16th April 2012 - Sponsorship - This story was updated on Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Golfbidder Managing Director Liam Robb (left) and John Brooke, Head of Purchasing at Golfbidder Headquarters in Surrey

Thriving online club exchange retailer Golfbidder has signed an agreement to be part of the PGA Partner Programme for another three years.

The Surrey company, which started life as Mashie Niblicks in a south west London shop in the late 90s, joined the partner programme nearly a decade ago and has gone on to become a UK and Europe wide success offering golfers guaranteed prices for used clubs.

It has also been successfully utilised by PGA pros with upwards of 700 each year incorporating the facility into their day to day business operations to assist club members in upgrading or swapping equipment.

Among the chief benefits for pros is being able to accept part exchange knowing Golfbidder will take the old clubs off their hands with the additional opportunity that money generated can be reinvested back into the pro shop either for new clubs or perhaps tuition or other golf products.

Integral to the firm’s success has been its rigorous counterfeit screening processes, and the introduction of new technologies such as their proprietary stock trading systems which its 30-strong workforce at its New Malden headquarters, including a team of PGA professionals, employ to check the authenticity of all traded clubs.

Golfbidder’s commitment to customer service has also seen it exploit all the latest digital media technology with filmed reviews accompanying many of the leading brands for sale. It also has a designated YouTube channel populated with videos which has attracted more than 700,000 views while its reputation is illustrated by more than 11,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook.

Company founder, and managing director Liam Robb, remains proud to be part of the partner programme and believes their association with the PGA adds a stamp of approval to Golfbidder.

“Customers who come to Golfbidder for the first time might potentially be a bit nervous about buying second hand clubs so the fact we have a respected name like the PGA associated with us is a big benefit,” said Robb.

“We also deal with many PGA professionals who recognise the opportunity that Golfbidder presents in terms of allowing ordinary golfers to off load used or unwanted equipment for a guaranteed price that can either be reinvested in new equipment or perhaps into golf lessons or elsewhere in the pro shop.”

PGA chief executive Sandy Jones, commented: “We are delighted that Golfbidder has agreed a three year extension. It offers a great service to our members, enabling them to trade second-hand clubs with the knowledge they will receive a guaranteed price.”

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