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Free drive for PGA members

8.30am 16th September 2003 - Sponsorship

A new sponsorship deal means that PGA members have the opportunity to use a top of the range Peugeot car free of charge for a year. All 6,000 members can benefit from the arrangement, which has been launched by PGA partners, Adgolf Limited.
Through the scheme, members can link up with local businesses willing to sponsor their chosen Peugeot vehicle, giving them the opportunity to have free use of the car for a year and providing the sponsor with extensive publicity throughout their local community.
“Having been official partners of the PGA for almost a year, we think it’s important to extend our commitment to every single member of the Association, not just the club professionals,” said Graham Fidler, managing director of Adgolf Limited. “Adgolf Limited will also provide assistance to PGA members by helping them to target the best companies and of course advising them on the most suitable approach.”
Commercial director of the PGA, Mike Gray added, “This is an exciting new addition to our current membership package. “I hope that members will make the most of this unique opportunity, which gives them the chance to forge closer links with individuals and businesses within their respective communities.”

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