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Armitage Signs with Ignite Sports

2.08pm 27th November 2015 - Sponsorship

Duncan McCarthy and Marcus Armitage
Duncan McCarthy and Marcus Armitage

In his second spell working with Duncan McCarthy as his Performance Coach and a very successful year together, Marcus has progressed from the Europro Tour, based in the UK, to the European Challenge Tour, the second tier of European golf, which is worldwide.

This is a great step up but with it also brings a huge step in terms of planning, scheduling, logistics, sponsorship etc. Being a Europro Tour player doesn’t really require support for the off course commitments and admin, however stepping up to play a tour that in 2015 visited 20 countries requires time and planning. It is this time that Duncan didn’t want Marcus wasting his time with.

Both sat down at the end of the year after smaller conversations and agreed Marcus would sign with Ignite to represent him and look after all affairs whilst continuing his successful coaching relationship with Duncan.

Ignite has very close relationships with the appropriate people and businesses to support the administration of bookings, planning etc which will keep things very simple and straight forward.

Marcus has always believed in his work with Ignite Sports throughout 2015 and wanted to cement this relationship.

“Duncan has been a rock for me. He is always there when I need him with great advice and support. He looks after more than just my golf game and it was an obvious move to have Ignite look after all my affairs both on and off the course. Above all else he knows I am good at playing golf and should only focus on that without distractions and that’s what we have been doing and will do.”

The 2016 season starts this winter for Marcus who will be competing abroad in various events before the Challenge Tour season begins in March. Throughout the coming weeks and months Ignite & Marcus will be looking for appropriate sponsors whether corporate or private.

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