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Anglo-Russian Team Breaks Rio Record

Story published at 1:21, Thursday, August 25th, 2016

James Tobia

James Tobia

University of Bedfordshire student, James Tobia, caddied for the Russian golfer Maria Verchenova who broke the Olympic course record on Saturday. Afterwards he told about his experience and ambitions….

“Maria’s statistics for Saturday have blown us away! Greens hit, fairways hit, short game around the greens and putts holed were record breaking for us and as a bi-product have in turn created an Olympic record! All of our hard work mainly on Maria’s short game and putting through our training programme over the past few months has now created noticeable change in our results.

“We jumped from 50th to 15th in Rio on Saturday and beat a lot of players that are ranked higher and as a result have gained ourselves some world ranking points. We also now have greater belief

Maria Verchenova

Maria Verchenova

that our dreams are achievable. Targets now are The Evian major championship next month, LPGA Tour qualifying, top 50 in the world and Solheim Cup qualification. And to come back to the Olympic Games next time and clinch gold!

“We are a very effective team and are more than capable of achieving these upcoming long term goals. What an experience Saturday was in Rio!!! This has also raised popularity levels of golf in Russia which was one of our goals coming into the games also. In Chicago now training myself with my own golf and fitness before we fly to Germany for our next event. Looking forward to seeing my dogs in a few days’ time at home in London too.”

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