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Three-wheel drive unit for Jacobsen Eclipse 322 hybrid greens mower

8.53am 16th February 2012 - New Products

The Jacobsen Eclipse 322 is now available with permanent three-wheel drive

Ransomes Jacobsen introduced a three-wheel drive unit for the Jacobsen Eclipse 322 hybrid riding greens mower at BTME in Harrogate.

The Eclipse 322 was launched at BTME in 2010 and over the past two years has made a significant impact on golf courses across the UK and Europe. Its unique configuration using a small diesel or petrol engine to power a 48 volt continuous generator, which in turn provides electricity to run all the functions on the mower, has given greenkeepers the opportunity to provide smooth and consistent greens every time they mow.

Originally launched as a two-wheel drive machine, the addition of an electric motor to power the rear wheel provides extra traction when working on sloping greens, tees and approaches. Distributing the power evenly in a controlled manner across all three wheels, results in smooth and consistent acceleration with less chance of damage to the turf. It is available as a factory-fitted option or can be retro-fitted by the local dealer.

Commenting on the new unit, Richard Comely, director of marketing and product management at Ransomes Jacobsen said, “Three-wheel drive on the Eclipse 322 was always in our thinking when we introduced the machine back in 2010. It was an interesting challenge as we were dealing with completely new technology when we developed the hybrid power unit. We have now provided the course manager who has particularly challenging terrain, with an option that will ensure he has the traction to do the job in hand.

“Two years on from the launch of the Eclipse 322, we have shown the sceptics that it has been possible to produce a riding greens mower, totally free of hydraulic oil and with all systems powered by electricity, which is equal to, and in most cases better than, traditional hydraulic powered machines. The two most significant benefits from this mower are its reduced operating costs and a consistent cut every time. We’ve received numerous anecdotal comments from end users regarding fuel savings; in some cases up to 50%.

“Using electronics to lock in the desired frequency of cut has not been possible with traditional riding greens mowers, but with the Eclipse 322 the course manager knows that on every occasion his mower cuts a green, it will be exactly the same as previously, whoever is in the driving seat.

“The option of permanent three-wheel drive on the world’s most advanced greens mower just makes it better!”

Ransomes Jacobsen

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