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New Line of Junior Girls Golf Apparel at PGA Merchandise Show

10.02am 21st January 2015 - New Products

Turtles and TeesTurtles and Tees is launching a new fashion golf apparel line for junior girls at the PGA Merchandise Show, January 21-23, in Orlando.

“We are creating a fresh and fun brand for junior girls to wear on and off the course,” said Kris Bartholomew, founder and CEO of the Virginia-based design company. “Currently, there are very limited options for juniors and those lines do not focus on comfort and function. Also, most of the ladies’ golf apparel in the market today is very mature for juniors, and who wants to wear clothes that look like an outfit for mom?”

Turtles and Tees will unveil its line of junior girls’ skorts, shorts, capris, tops, outerwear and accessories in Booth 4261 at the PGA show. Along with bright colours and prints, the stylish products feature UV-protected fabrics, wicking materials, custom pockets for tees, balls and gloves, and adjustable elastic waistbands.

“By mixing and matching golf-themed prints with functional clothes for on and off the course, we have created clothing and accessories that are perfect for junior girl golfers,” said Bartholomew, an experienced corporate finance executive, whose daughter is a junior golfer.

“After years of searching for fun and fashionable golf apparel for my daughter and only being able to find a few non-functional and not very affordable alternatives, I decided to create a fresh new line designed just for junior girls,” added Bartholomew, who enjoys being the golf cart chauffeur for her daughter.

To create the distinctive new brand, Turtles and Tees engaged Chloe Parsons, an up-and-coming textile designer who is based in the United Kingdom. Christina Elias is the company’s vice president of product development, Jerry Cable is vice president of sales, and Judy Welsh is director of marketing.

Reflecting the team’s desires to protect the marine environment, Turtles and Tees is supporting the Tampa Bay Green Consortium, which focuses on sea turtle conservation, marine debris and environmental education; Love a Sea Turtle, which supports sea turtle conservation; and Stow It-Don’t Throw It, a youth-driven project that combats the dangers of improperly disposed of monofilament fishing line.

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