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New Caddycell Lithium Golf Trolley Battery

2.11am 11th January 2012 - New Products

CaddyCell, a leader in the development of electric golf trolley batteries, has unveiled a superlight new Lithium-Ion battery which is more than 75% lighter than a standard lead acid battery.

The CaddyCell Lithium weighs just 2.1 kilos and can be lifted with a single finger, but it still delivers the power to drive an electric trolley through up to 27 holes of golf.

Crucially, CaddyCell Lithium is designed to be the same size as a standard golf trolley battery – making it a perfect fit and direct replacement for any 12 volt lead acid battery on any electric golf trolley.

But there the similarity ends. The CaddyCell Lithium is an incredibly light alternative using LiFePO4 technology to deliver extreme resilience, tremendous reliability and a much longer life.

Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries are the safest type of lithium battery made today. Unlike lead acid batteries, they react and recover extremely well when going through deep discharge cycles and typically these cells will perform well in excess of 2,000 cycles when drained to 80% depth of discharge (DOD).

In a golfing application, this could see a serious golfer playing four times a week through well over five years of golf! Each battery has a built in battery management system (BMS) that manages the cells to give optimum charge and discharge characteristics and, therefore, its substantial lifespan.

What golfers will notice (apart from the lightness, of course) is that the Caddy Cell is exactly the same size as a 20ah lead acid battery (180mm x 76mm x 166mm). Each battery is available with the traditional red/black connectors or the PowaKaddy type T Bar connectors.

CaddyCell are also so confident in the quality of the battery that it comes with a two-year warranty. So in the unlikely event of a problem with the battery or charger, distributors Golfstream will be happy to help out.

This battery is a true 12 volt battery with 17 ah capacity (equivalent to 26ah of a lead acid battery) and is a direct replacement for your 18 hole lead acid battery on any golf trolley ever made. It has a hard ABS protective plastic outer unlike some cheaper made offerings

Priced from £225, the CaddyCell Lithium is supplied with fitted leads and connectors and a matching, purpose- designed charger and a protective carry case.

The battery is available from good golf shops or directly from


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