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Helping Greenkeepers to Become More Environmentally Friendly

12.46am 15th May 2013 - New Products

Wildlfowers2Barenbrug has launched a new range of wildflower mixes designed specifically to meet the demands of greenkeepers as they look to become more environmentally friendly.

There are three dedicated perennial mixtures available with 100 percent wildflower species which have been carefully selected to match the environments and soil types found on UK golf courses, enabling a haven to be created for native wildlife.

Barenbrug have also given the wildflower concept a breath of fresh air, allowing greenkeepers the opportunity to buy wildflowers separately to grass seed.

This novel approach gives total flexibility to end-users, enabling greenkeepers to target specific areas for wildflower planting, amongst a larger area of diversity grassland, adjusting sowing rates to aid establishment of the accompanying grass.

This can help those looking to establish a small pocket of wildflowers for maximum visual impact and it can also help lower budgets for these beneficial products.

The three mixes are designed for use on the three distinct types of golf courses, Heathland, Links and Parkland.

Alongside the three mixtures, there is also annual British native wildflower mixture, BAR Colour, designed to be sown on its own or adding a splash of colour to perennial wildflower mixtures.

Each mixture comes with a recommended grass seed mixture to support the aesthetics and playability of areas with wildflowers.

BAR 13 is the recommended diversity mix for links and parkland courses and is suitable for out-of-play areas, while BAR 20’s fescue blend is ideal for links and heathland courses, both in and out of play. BAR 12 completes the range offering a blend of fescue and bentgrass to provide a fine, open, wispy sward for in and out-of-play areas of parkland courses.

“The wildflowers range really gives the greenkeepers flexibility about having to sow at the usual 80:20 ratio. We’re delighted with the range and can help golf courses become an eco-friendly environment wherever they are located in the country and whatever their budget,” said Barenbrug’s research and development manager, David Greenshields.

“All the wildflowers are of UK provenance and have been carefully selected to match the environment and soils types typical of Parkland, Links and Heathland golf courses.”

“One of the major advantages of wild flowers for green keepers is they can leave the area un-mown for much of the year, but still create a pleasant environment which will encourage wildlife,” concludes David.

For more information please refer to the ‘Wildflower Factfile’ available at

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