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Glenmuir Macwet Gloves – All Grip, No Slip

10.43am 8th March 2013 - New Products

MacWet Golf Glove
MacWet Golf Glove

Glenmuir’s Macwet gloves are widely regarded throughout the game as the finest wet-weather golf gloves ever made – and for 2013 they come in a range of styles and colours.

Following the wettest summer for decades – and this spring almost guaranteed to bring more rain – owning reliable and purpose-made golf gloves has never been more important to the golfer.

The original Micromesh Glenmuir Golf Glove is now available in two lengths (short cuff and long cuff) with each design boasting six colours (white, white/black, black, navy. green and brown).

The gloves have been developed for warmer-weather use and are designed specifically to aid airflow around the hand and use the unique Aquatec® fabric, which boasts unbeatable moisture-wicking properties.

The fabric responds to moisture and climate change, allowing any water to be readily transported around and over the gloves’ surface to the fabric face from where it evaporates. This always provides the optimum amount of comfort and grip, whether hands are sweating from heat or made wet from spring rain.

The Glenmuir Golf Gloves (RRP £26-£28) come as a pair in a wide range of fittings (from Ladies Small (size 6),to Men’s XL (size 10)), with a snug fit recommended to maximise the benefits of improved grip and to ensure the best contact between hand, glove and club.

The key performance benefits are most noticeable any time the golfer’s hands are wet, either through weather or perspiration. In bad weather, the gloves help golfers keep their grip secure – while in drier weather many players opt to use just one glove to counter sweating palms.

The MacWet® Gloves’ gripping abilities can even be improved in the dry by dampening the gloves on the tee – by either sprinkling water on the palms or using a wet towel. The gloves will dry out again on the walk from the tee.

The gloves – which comply with R&A rules – stretch very slightly when worn initially, but then maintain a consistent fit. They can be hand or machine washed up to 40° C and retain their shape well when allowed to dry naturally.

MacWet gloves are synonymous with delivering incredible performance in the rain in many outdoor sports and pursuits (over 90% of Grand National jockeys regularly opt for the brand) and Glenmuir’s MacWet golf gloves are among the very best in the world.

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