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Foresight Sports launches FSX Pro Software

2.53pm 4th February 2021 - New Products

Foresight Sports, the leading launch monitor and simulator brand, has launched its revolutionary new coaching, fitting and game analysis software platform, FSX Pro

Aimed at the game’s best players, coaches and club fitters, the new FSX Pro software is an addition to the company’s existing simulation software platform FSX 2020 and has been designed to provide users with greater in-depth analysis. 

The completely customisable tagging features mean that coaches, fitters and players can now easily dial in on the finest details of club set-up, swing changes and game improvement. Detailed reports can be generated to summarise everything into a concise, email-friendly format.

With its simple, intuitive design, FSX Pro lets users create and edit new players and sessions faster and easier than ever before. That means more time doing what they do best.

The PC version, which is compatible with the GCQuad and GCHawk, is available now, while the iPad version and GC2/HMT compatibility are expected to follow next week.

FSX Pro is available now as a free download for everyone with an existing FSX 2020 software licence. Each user will receive two FSX Pro licences for every FSX 2020 licence they own. These can be split across PC and iPad or twice on the same type of device as required. 

For more information on new FSX Pro software, click here.


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