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DST Golf Clubs Approved by PGAs of Europe

3.41pm 10th April 2015 - New Products

DST Golf logoDST Golf – developer of award-winning warm-up clubs featuring patent-pending Delayed Strike Technology – proudly announces that its Compressor and CR-10 clubs have obtained recognition as an ‘Approved Product of the PGAs of Europe,’ marking the first time the organization has endorsed a warm-up club of any type.

With this approval, the PGAs of Europe will recommend DST lines to its associated teaching professionals across the continent. DST Compressor and CR-10 clubs are designed to enable all categories of golfer to locate, train and perfect the position and movement through impact required to control the club face and improve consistency, control and accuracy.

By incorporating DST Golf clubs in their practice regimen, players are forced to reach the same positions as the greatest ball strikers in history. This is achieved by a scientifically curved shaft that replicates a normal golf shaft under maximum load at impact. Golfers groove the feeling of getting their hands past the ball before the club head makes contact in order to consistently locate the optimal impact position.
“Our Education Committee has completed a three month independent review of the DST Compressor and CR-10 clubs.” said Ian Randell, PGAs of Europe, Chief Executive. “We found them to be groundbreaking in design and believe they will assist PGA Professionals with their teaching efforts. We are pleased to announce that both clubs have been awarded the status of an Approved Product of the PGAs of Europe”.

DST Golf clubs are the result of years of research that led to the development of the scientifically curved shaft, as well as the Hand Position Alignment Marker (HPAM) on the hosel and amended sole angle. These features enable players to see and feel the logical set-up position required to improve consistent ball striking technique and arrive at the optimal impact position with each swing.

“Our training clubs can be used to self-educate or be incorporated into formal coaching and academy lessons and are just as useful for beginners as they are for Tour Professionals,” says DST Golf Founder and CEO Bertie Cordle. “Approval and exposure by the PGAs of Europe, with its 36 National PGA’s and combined membership of 21,000, provides an ideal target audience for our products. In addition, these teaching professionals will benefit from the added revenue stream of promoting our clubs to their members.”

Following the official launch at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show, over 40 players on the PGA, LPGA and Web. Com Tours, as well as numerous renowned instructors have come to rely on DST clubs as a vital part of their training.

The complete lineup of DST Golf comprises two distinct clubs: The Compressor, featuring a scientifically curved shaft and the CR-10, a transition club with a conventional straight shaft. As with Compressor models, CR-10 clubs incorporate the HPAM and amended sole angle technology and provide players with a seamless transition into their regular set of clubs.

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