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Cleveland Golf launches ‘Lighter, Longer & Faster’ CG Black range

2.21pm 6th February 2015 - New Products - This story was updated on Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

CG BlackCleveland Golf is pleased to announce a new line of CG Black products for golfers. The new CG Black range will comprise of Driver, Fairway Woods, Hybrids and Irons, all aimed at golfers with slower swing speeds.

The evolution of CG Black began with the understanding that the average golfer doesn’t possess the tour level swing speeds that many modern day golf clubs are built for. In fact on average, amateurs swing the club at least 15mph slower than tour professionals.

Understanding this, and looking at the faults that make an amateurs swing less efficient than that of a tour player, Cleveland Golf set out to engineer clubs that make slower swinging golfers more efficient, focusing on many factors which inhibit seniors and female golfers from hitting the ball further, in turn maximising their potential.

To unlock this potential, Cleveland Golf’s R&D team set about lowering the Swing MOI. MOI is the term applied to any object’s resistance to twisting around an axis. Swing MOI is the ease of rotation (swing arc) around the centre of rotation. Professional golfers properly cock their wrists, keeping the arc of their swings close to their body and generating tremendous amounts of club speed. Amateur golfers don’t utilize an efficient swing arc because they have trouble properly cocking their wrists (or casting the golf club). This pushes the arc farther from the centre of rotation and greatly decreases club head speed resulting in loss of distance.

This key factor means that CG Black products promote a pro-like swing, resulting in higher head speed and greater distance with the same swing effort. In other words the CG Black range is lighter, longer & faster.

To view the full range and find out where you can get custom fitted for the new CG Black irons visit

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