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Black Widow Launch Daring Head Cover Trilogy

12.28am 21st March 2012 - New Products

Softspikes®, the world’s best-selling golf cleat brand and maker of BLACK WIDOW Grips, have unveiled a brand-new head-cover range for 2012. This marks a welcome expansion to the already successful BLACK WIDOW accessory line that includes umbrellas, headwear, towels and many other goods.

Built for the golfer who covets bold, daring and outlandish style on the golf course, BLACK WIDOW have designed the range to include Driver, Fairway Wood and Hybrid covers, catering for every club necessary.

The BLACK WIDOW Driver Head Cover features a slick magnetic closure, daring black/white design and bold BLACK WIDOW branding on the neck. Designed to fit 460cc drivers, this head cover also features the brand’s customary spider logo at the top.

The Fairway-Wood cover mirrors all the beneficial aesthetic and functional qualities found in the driver model. This will fit the majority of fairway woods on the market, making it a must-have accessory for the style-orientated golfer.

Completing the trilogy is the Hybrid cover. Replacing the magnetic closure is a slip-on design, structured to fit over the majority of hybrids on the market.

Prices are at Retailer Discretion

Softspikes Black Widow Grips

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