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Golf Kitchen in Partnership with PGA TOUR Essential Guide To Golf

Story published at 16:00, Friday, June 16th, 2017

Golf Kitchen CEO and Founder, Diana DeLucia officially announces upcoming quarterly print magazine targeted at the Culinary Private Golf Club and Resort Enthusiast. The first edition will ship in the Fall of 2017.

Diana is very pleased to announce a Golf Kitchen partnership with PGA TOUR Essential Guide to Golf.

“Through this valuable exposure within their Print and Digital audience, combined with a presence on the Tour Leaderboard from late June, we hope to grow the awareness of Golf Kitchen and Culinary Teams in prestigious establishments globally. They have much to offer the culinary world and continue to improve and perform above and beyond for their members and guests,” she said.

“Looking forward to working with GK and watching the growth of a young business,” said Mike Velazquez, Media Director, BH Sports, publishers of PGA TOUR Essential Guide to Golf.

“As well as Golf Kitchen magazine we are following up with the production of Golf Kitchen America, a second coffee table book featuring 16 of the finest American Private Golf Club and Resort Culinary Teams.

“I would like to thank everyone who has believed in my visions and supported me for the last seven years; I believe we have positioned Golf Kitchen well for growth and development. We look forward to bringing you more exciting, colorful and always positive content,” said Diana.

The PGA TOUR Essential Guide to Golf is published twice a year — January-May; June-October — thus ensuring coverage within the Guide is impressively comprehensive and up to date.

The Guide is the PGA TOUR’s flagship publication, covering all the scheduled tournaments on the PGA TOUR, the Champions Tour, and the Tour. There are previews of all the events, profiles of the elite players, as well as analysis and features by leading sportswriters.

There is also a digital edition of the PGA TOUR Essential Guide to Golf, bringing a significant addition to the readership figure.

PGA TOUR Essential Guide to Golf

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