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Solar-Powered Golf Cars Tee Up 70% Energy Saving

12.38am 14th March 2012 - Management Topics

Solar-powered Club Car fleet at Lopesan Meloneras Golf (signature 13th hole)

Lopesan Meloneras Golf on Gran Canaria has invested in 60 new Club Car Precedent i2 cars, 20 of which are fitted with state-of-the-art solar-panelled roofs, enabling the vehicles to complete up to five 18-hole rounds on just one charge – double the number of a normal electrical charge.

Cameron Procter, Corporate Director of Golf at Lopesan Hotel Group, estimates this investment will deliver substantial energy savings – as much as 70% – and will see a rapid return on investment, especially during peak season when the resort welcomes more than 220 players per day.

“The solar-panelled cars will enable us to optimise their usage and time on the golf course without having to worry about each vehicle’s battery charge levels,” he explained. “This efficiency and the energy savings we believe this technology will enable us to achieve are just two examples of the benefits solar-powered vehicles can offer.

“In addition to the vehicles being emission-free, we also believe that the solar-panelled roofs can significantly help extend battery life.”

Gran Canaria’s climate and proximity to the sea, also poses challenges to the long-term condition and maintenance of a golf car.

“All this warm weather, year-round sun and exposure to salt could accelerate metal erosion and take their toll on a car,” Cameron Procter continued. “We selected Club Car vehicles because they are built to such a high standard, with a lightweight aluminium chassis that is strong and durable and just keeps on going.”

Since Lopesan Meloneras Golf opened on the Gran Canaria’s exclusive southern shores in 2006, the resort has been committed to offer the highest in quality, customer service and product reliability to meet its visitor and members’ expectations.

Its new fleet of Club Car Precedent i2 cars includes Club Car’s ground-breaking Visage GPS mobile golf information system, which helps the operator to remotely control, manage and optimise the use of its fleet, while customers enjoy an enhanced experience, including precise shot-by-shot distance measurements.

Highlighting the advantages, benefits and added value Club Car and its Spanish partner Riversa provide, Cameron Procter commented: “The exceptional product quality, attentive customer service and technological innovations that define the world’s best selling golf car manufacturer are second to none and therefore it is no surprise that Club Car is number one in the world for quality golf products.”

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