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Golf elected as ‘SPORT OF THE YEAR 2013’ in Flanders

8.03am 14th February 2013 - Management Topics

Sport of the Year in Flanders smallThe Golf Federation of Flanders is very proud to announce that Golf was chosen as “Sport of the year 2013”. Every year the minister of Sports and his department BLOSO chooses ‘a sport in the spotlight’ and this year Golf is the one to be strongly promoted in the Flemish part of Belgium.

Thanks to this election the Golf sport will be advertised through the whole year and receive extra support by the Flemish government.  This means that, the Golf Federation together with The Department of Sport will organize different actions so that people of different ages, gender and cultures in Flanders  get to know and ‘taste’ the game of Golf.


The Flemish Minister of Sports Mr. Muyters also gives his support to Golf from his authority as Minister of Environmental Planning. He is hopeful that given those initiatives, the procedures and projects that are in the pipeline for several years, can be finalized in short term.

All actions will be supported with a communication campaign. TV spots on Flemish National TV, radio commercials, booklets on how to start, flyers … Also social media will be used to spread the word on Golf 2013, the sport of the year!

Grow the game!

Flanders has 54 Golf Clubs with 34.000 players and has still a great potential. This election comes at the right time. Golf is for the first time mediatized thanks to the results of Nicolas Colsaerts and because for the first time in 10 years new courses are permitted to be built. This combined with the dynamic actions of sport of the year will hopefully make it possible to grow to 50.000 players in Flanders by 2020.

There are many beautiful golf courses in Flanders in a range of inspiring locations. Golf 2013, thé sport of the year could also be a good reason to discover the great diversity of golf courses in Flanders. Flanders offers golf courses over 100 years old; golf at the coast; golf near the historical cities; golf in Flanders Fields; golf in natural surroundings; and golf in the Capital of Europe.

No lover of the game will fail to be impressed with what awaits them in Flanders.

Visit Flanders through its golf courses and get to know the region for what it truly is – a marvel of open spaces and nature with a friendly and historic atmosphere at the heart of Europe.

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