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Final opportunity for Golf Clubs to claim up to 7 years of Business Rates refunds

7.37am 16th March 2015 - Management Topics

Altus Group logoUK Golf Clubs are being urged to consider if it is appropriate to appeal against their business rates quickly because delaying could prove costly.

Ratepayers planning to appeal against their rateable value need to do so by 31 March to get a refund backdated to April 2010 and benefit from savings over the full seven years of the 2010 rating list. New rules mean that appeals raised after 31 March this year will only received savings over the last two years of the current rating list.

Richard Roberts, Chief Operating Officer at Chartered Surveyors Altus Edwin Hill, said “Many companies will not be aware of this deadline as it was hidden in the small print of the Chancellors’ Autumn Statement in December. Five years of overpaid business rates can amount to substantial sums, which could be a lifeline to many companies in the North West. These will be lost forever unless an appeal is submitted by the end of March.

“There are many reasons why a company may be paying too much in business rates. This is an extremely complex subject and you need specialist advice to identify errors and spot the opportunities for savings

“We have set up a helpdesk and anyone wanting to check if they are able to challenge their business rates can call Altus Edwin Hill on 0800 023 5310 for free initial advice.”

Altus Edwin Hill

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