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CMM SOLUTIONS to ensure Golf Companies get ‘Fit For Business’

8.48am 19th January 2012 - Management Topics


Biddy Lloyd-Jones

Colt Mackenzie McNair, golf’s premier executive recruitment specialist, today announces the launch of CMM SOLUTIONS, a blue-chip service that offers senior managers in the golf industry a wealth of 1:1 services targeted at delivering step-change business performance.

Led by Colt Mackenzie McNair’s Head of Consultative Services, Biddy Lloyd-Jones, CMM Solutions is a first of its kind for the EMEA golf industry, offering tailored solutions for a wide range of issues facing business leaders and senior executives in the world of golf.

CMM Solutions will focus on delivering measurable benefits to three key areas that influence the performance of any business, PROCESS, SKILLS and ATTITUDE.

Within these key categories, a series of solutions and tools will be available to organisations in order to help build, manage and maintain high performing teams. Solutions include, talent management techniques, how to enhance a sales process, effective negotiation skills, 1:1 executive coaching and effective performance management tools.

Biddy Lloyd-Jones comments: “In order to develop a business successfully, senior managers often have to take a step back from the issues which are influencing a business’s growth and then make practical and measurable decisions which will positively impact its performance.

“CMM Solutions has been created to offer all organisations, business leaders, teams and individuals a wealth of expertise which will assist and support them in looking at current issues affecting their businesses, and empower them to deliver practical solutions.”

Delivered by Biddy and her team, the programs and techniques are founded on years of hands-on experience, coaching teams and business leaders across all areas of industry, including aviation, healthcare and large-scale public service providers.

Biddy has previously supplied leadership development programs for Transport for London(TfL); internal team building exercises for EasyJet and relationship building and coaching for the National Health Service (NHS), along with 1:1 executive coaching with various senior business figures.

Biddy adds: “Every business has different needs and different challenges, but sometimes a ‘spring clean’ is necessary to refocus on appropriate aims and objectives which will positively influence performance. I’ve no doubt many golf businesses, large and small, will see a positive return on investment from the services we have to offer.”

CMM Solutions is the perfect complement to existing services Colt Mackenzie McNair offers, including CMM Search, which helps businesses find best-of-breed professionals; CMM Select, a convenient and professional method of finding new talent and CMM Interim, the short term solution to temporary recruitment needs.

Colt Mackenzie McNair Director, Richard Wood, said: “Our desire has always been the offer the golf industry a 360-degree solution to their business requirements, and I am certain the addition of CMM Solutions to our portfolio will positively help all senior leaders fine-tune the performance of both themselves, their staff and the overall health of their business operations.”

For further information about CMM Solutions and other services, enquiries should be made in the first instance to Colt Mackenzie McNair Director, Richard Wood, e-mail:, or tel: +44 (0) 1344 292299.

Colt Mackenzie McNair

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