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Bernhard Strengthens Partnership with GTC

6.25am 5th February 2013 - Management Topics

Bernhard logo“There is no question, education and training are at the centre of our business, our industry and the standards of professionalism that all of us strive to achieve,” said Stephen Bernhard, Executive Chairman of the world’s leading grinder manufacturer, Bernhard and Company.

“The opening of our new Bernhard training centre in October, and the subsequent timetable of courses that we are now putting together along side (The Greenkeepers Training Committee) GTC ‘s excellent programme support BIGGA, the trade associations worldwide and our customers and continue to drive our industry forward.”

David Golding, Education Director of GTC said, “We are very pleased to have Bernhard and Company as one of our Quality Assured Training Providers.

“Bernhard have for many years, been great supporters to the sports turf sector and their on-going support for the BIGGA Delegation trip to the GIS has to be complimented.

“With their first class reel mower grinders installed at many of the worlds leading golf courses and sporting venues it makes sense to support this with training programmes.

“Presentation of golf courses and other sporting areas is such an important aspect of greenkeeping and groundsmanship and with mowing a large part of any sports turf operation, it really does start and finish with the quality of the cut and the correct setting up of the machines. Get the fundamentals right and the benefits will follow.

“We are especially pleased that the GTC/Bernhard partnership now offers more direct hands-on training and access to their excellent new training facility and first class resources in Haverhill. This should be an option all sporting facilities consider using and we are looking forward to working with Bernhard to ensure their training workshops are available to all levels of greenkeepers and mechanics from all over the world.

“Not only is Bernhard promoting training through its own headquarters but they have kindly offered to support all of the GTC Centres with the formal greenkeeper education training qualifications.”

Ben Taylor, Technical Training Manager said, “We have the greatest respect for the integrity of the GTC as custodians of greenkeeping, education and training standards.  It’s a great privilege to be working as partners now and I am very excited at our programme for the year ahead. We hope that together, we can make a real difference to the knowledge and skills of our profession. ”

The benefits are clear and long lasting.  Education and training are at the forefront underpinning the strong foundations that lead to professionalism and awareness in our industry.

Bernhard and Company

The Greenkeepers Training Committee

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