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Golfing Rewards: Cash Savings in Return for Golf Club Membership

2.39pm 9th February 2018 - Innovation Centre - This story was updated on Saturday, February 17th, 2018

Last month the team at Golfing Rewards exhibited at BTME in Harrogate. When speaking with people at the event and listening to the many speakers it became obvious that change was in the air. The golfing industry needs to attract younger players and become a family friendly sport if it is to thrive in the coming years.

“Over the last 6 months, we have spoken to over 200 clubs about implementing a scheme that can provide value for money incentive to join and remain a member of a golf club,” says Nigel Chambers, Sales Director. “You may think Golfing Rewards is another cost to your ever-tightening budget, however Golfing Rewards provides members with a way of saving more than their annual club membership on their everyday shopping. If you do not try new ideas, then you will never know.

“With Remus Rewards, you do not pay a set-up fee, your staff have free access and you only pay for the members who have registered themselves for Golfing Rewards, at a cost of £0.80p per member per month.

“We predict you will have an uptake of around 50%. That 50% will be able to save over £1,000 a year shopping at the same places they currently use every week. Members of Golfing Rewards can also save when eating out at restaurants and have access to special rate cinema tickets. The fact is that members will be able to save money and not change where they shop. Therefore, they can justify their annual membership and more likely to renew each year.

“Remus Rewards is happy to visit your Golf Club with a presentation on how we can help you renew and retain members. If you would like to reward your loyal members and give them the opportunity to save their membership fee each year, then please contact us. Please contact our sales team for a quotation and further information.”

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