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Parliamentary Golf Group welcomes European Tour to Westminster

12.53pm 21st April 2016 - Growing the Game

Parliamentary Golf Group meeting in progress
Parliamentary Golf Group meeting in progress

Earlier this week, Peers and MPs were joined by Associate Members in the Palace of Westminster as representatives from the European Tour discussed their efforts to help maximise engagement with, and participation in, the game.

The presentation focused on research conducted by the European Tour, which highlighted the important links between participation and engagement, and between the professional and amateur game.

The meeting was chaired by Member of Parliament for Tewkesbury, Laurence Robertson. Speaking afterwards he said, “Members of the Group were delighted to hear about the commitment of the European Tour to growing the game. Golf is a sport for everyone, and the Tour’s attempts to bring it to a wider audience and increase participation across the UK are to be commended.”

Representing the European Tour was Strategy Manager Calum Slowther. He said, “There has been a huge amount of change taking place at the European Tour, and much of the work being done resonates with the objectives of the Parliamentary Golf Group, to address perceptions of, and participation in, golf. The Tour is totally committed to growing the game, and I hope that we will be able to work closely with the Group and other organisations in the future to drive golf participation in the UK.”

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