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Making The Game More Inclusive, One Tee At A Time

10.03am 2nd October 2019 - Growing the Game

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According to the PGA of America, of the 57 million disabled Americans, 32% played golf before disability and 35% are interested in learning how to play. That’s a huge group of people that could be benefiting from visiting a driving range (may be yours?)

Adaptive golfers range from having missing limbs to disabilities that prevent them from bending down. Some were born with these disabilities and some are affected later in life, but no matter the circumstances, golf can be challenging for some of the adaptive golfers.

So how do you make sure your range is inclusive for all types of golfers?

Power Tee was built for all golfers. Adaptive golfers around America have flocked to Power Tee ranges because Power Tee lifts any barriers that occur at a standard golf range. There are no worries of bending down to re-tee the ball, no worries of not having the perfect tee height and no worries of not being able to get your stand-and-play on the mat. Power Tee does this all for you and ensures every golfer of every ability is able to play independently.

“I will say that Power Tee is the main reason for me getting back in the game. With being an above knee amputee, I have had to completely change my golf swing, and with Power Tee I was able to save all my energy not loading the ball and focus on my swing and stance,” – John Bell.

Learn about Power Tee’s adaptive golf programs for ranges. Grow the game of golf and grow your business.

Power Tee

Yamaha Golf Cars

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