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Golf Complex Finds Elusive Secret to Ladies Golf

4.03pm 10th March 2015 - Growing the Game

Ladies love golf leafletAn award winning Golf Complex in the English Midlands has found the secret to attracting and retaining ladies in the world of golf.

In a sport where participation is sadly waning, 3 Hammers Golf Complex have taken up the mantle by finding the perfect recipe to attract a new generation of female golfers. The large Golf Complex situated in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire offers an 18-hole short course, driving range and award winning PGA golf academy. The facility has concentrated on finding what attracts female golfers to the sport and now finds themselves as the leading Academy in the region for this hard to reach sector with 50% of all new Learn To Play Golf students being female.

Sky Sports recently reported that 75% of golf clubs have seen a decline in female membership. In a vast contrast – demand for ladies golf at 3 Hammers is so great that it has led them to create a revolutionary new ladies only Golf Academy.

‘Ladies Love Golf’ officially launched on 26th February by John Cheetham – Senior Instructor and Ladies Love Golf Director with female golfers from across the region signing up daily. The unique structure of Ladies Love Golf focuses on the key informal, flexible and social elements whilst keeping the membership fee affordable at only £49 per year. From weekly coaching sessions to golf away days, overseas breaks and social events, Ladies Love Golf is a community of lady golfers of all abilities.

“The improvements we see in the ladies is fantastic and with exposure to Ladies Love Golf their confidence grows. Along with the social element these factors are key to ensuring these ladies are retained in the sport as they go on to join local clubs. Just last year 7 ladies joined a local golf club and we will be looking to replicate this with more groups of ladies as the numbers continue to grow,” said John Cheetham

For over two years, 3 Hammers Golf Complex have been offering weekly Ladies Mornings focusing on offering superb value for money and flexibility. Two things that have always had a heavy bearing on women’s golf are cost and the perceived male dominance in the sport. For John Cheetham, the intent to increase participation in the game is clear.

“Growing ladies golf is passion of mine and a focus of the Complex. As a Pay & Play facility,” he says. “It’s a relaxed place, there’s no dress code, no membership and therefore breaks down the usual barriers. Our female golfers know they can join in with other like minded lady golfers, learn a new sport, keep fit and one of the most important factors, access the social element of the game. Golf to the newcomer can be a daunting prospect and those initial steps are often the hardest. But at 3 Hammers – half of all their new Learn to Play Golf students are female – a statistic unheard of in golf worldwide.

“The social element is brilliant. We welcomed 30 ladies this morning, even in the winter and poor weather. It has become their social group. We provide a relaxed, informal social environment for them to interact and we provide tuition tips to help them improve.”

“Ladies golf here continues to go from strength to strength. The high numbers we attract on a weekly basis proves it. We listen to what the ladies want and need from their game and aren’t nervous about trying something new.” A variety of ladies sessions are on offer every week developed to suit busy lives including mornings, evenings and weekend sessions. For £7.50 LLG Members get a fantastic deal, coffee, quiz, 1 1/2 hours expert golf tuition, range balls and 18 holes after the session!

3 Hammers Golf Complex

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