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PlaneSWING’s Clark in Bruno knock out hat trick blow

1.10am 8th February 2012 - Exhibitions & Conferences

Tony Clark with golf writer Ben Evans

PlaneSWING’s Tony Clark had good cause to crack open the bubbly at the PGA Show inOrlando- to celebrate sales of his innovative training aid on three continents.

An early order from Frank Bruno, a PGA of America professional at Oak Park Country Club,Illinois, during the show means PlaneSWING will be growing the game in theUSA, Europe andAsia.

Furthermore it is a hat-trick that has been achieved within three weeks ofClarklaunching the full swing kinaesthetic teaching, training and golf fitness system.

Renowned coach Paul McLoughlin a member of the PGAs of America andGreat Britain&Irelandwho is based at the Lake Malaren Golf Resort,Shanghai, set the ball rolling.

He said: “I have always been a fan of kinaesthetic learning and PlaneSWING keeps it simple for the student, which makes my job easier! I’ve taught inPoland,Ireland,USAand nowChinaand PlaneSWING speaks any language.”

Dave Eddy, a PGA pro at Golf Club Sagmühle, Rottal,Germany, is already committed to PlaneSWING. He said: “I believe feeling and doing is the most effective method of learning and PlaneSWING delivers on this. Adding it to my teaching programme will help me communicate more effectively and improve the lesson experience for my students. Financially and educationally it makes sense.”

Bruno was similarly effusive after buying a PlaneSWING.

He enthused: “I invested in PlaneSWING because I invest in my members. It’s a great educational aid and works. The simplicity and mobility is key”

Bruno was the first of many USPGA pros who signed up for a PlaneSWING, in Orlando, including “Hall of Famer” Randy Smith, and Clark was understandably delighted.
“The response has been amazing particularly from the top instructors” saidClark, adding, “whilst the fact it works instantly is undoubtedly attractive, there’s no doubt that the key improvements we’ve made and the affordability played a big part in the decision making process. PlaneSWING will improve any teaching professional’s business.”


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