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Indonesia to Host APGS 2013

9.54am 1st March 2013 - Exhibitions & Conferences


The largest nation in south east Asia will play host to the 2013 Asia Pacific Golf Summit (APGS). The Summit will be staged in the bustling metropolis of Jakarta, the capital city of the vast Indonesian archipelago.

The host venue for APGS 2013 will be the world class five-star Shangri-la Hotel Jakarta, a hotel known for its exquisite ambience and much talked about service standards.

In announcing the host nation for APGS 2013, Mike Sebastian, chief executive officer of the Asia Pacific Golf Group, the owner and producer of the Summit said, “We are absolutely excited about the selection of Indonesia as the host nation – it is a massive country that is on the move and nowhere in the region is the interest and fervour in golf more dramatic than it is in this, the third most populous nation on the Planet.”

“The sprawling archipelago of Indonesia is home to some of the finest golf courses in the world and it is has somehow managed to stay under the golf radar for quite some time – with the Summit, we hope to change all of this and bring Indonesia to the forefront of the golf scene in Southeast Asia.” said Sebastian.

For those in the industry who are not at all that familiar with Indonesia, it is the fifteenth largest economy in the world and a member of the G20 nations of the world.

It is also the largest economy in Southeast Asia registering at over US$1 trillion dollars. “For what it’s worth, Indonesia is also the third largest democracy in the world and informed sources forecast that it’s economy will weigh in at US$9 trillion dollars by 2030,” Sebastian pointed out.

Its current population is slightly in excess of 240 million and is expected to balloon to 300 million by 2030, creating a huge middle class segment for Indonesia.

“We are extremely delighted that the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism has received us with great encouragement and we have recognized the Ministry’s desire to want to grow golf tourism in the country,” explained Sebastian. Indonesia has set its eyes on becoming a major player in the rapidly growing golf tourism marketing in the region.

APGS 2013 will be staged in Jakarta from November 5 – 7 and will include three major events:

“We expect APGS 2013 to be one of the best attended and supported in the series so far and we also expect to announce some really high quality and outstanding speakers for this year’s event,” revealed Sebastian.

Based on initial forecasts, some 500 delegates made up of golf course owners, operators, general managers, golf course superintendents and members of the trade are expected to register for the event.

“APGS is now in its seventh year and it has matured into the best business to business and knowledge event for golf in the Asia Pacific,” declared Sebastian. He went on to add, “We have now come to a nation that is the future of golf in the region – we see a burning desire to grow the game of golf and a determination and commitment to witness the realization of this goal.”

“Together with our partners, the Ministry of Tourism, Golf Wonderful Indonesia and the various stake-holders, we are confident that APGS 2013 will set new milestones for the growth of golf in Southeast Asia,” Sebastian concluded.

Full details of APGS 2013 will be available after March 15 on its web site at

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