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Golf industry in Spain aims to make UNIGOLF an international benchmark

2.43pm 7th February 2018 - Exhibitions & Conferences

Unigolf 2018 is now in full swing. More than fifty businesses have shown their commitment to be at the main trade fair on golf in Spain, which will be held on 1 to 3 March in Pavilion 14 at IFEMA, in Madrid.

Like the Olympic slogan says, this second edition of Unigolf is growing under IFEMA’s leadership. Faster, higher, stronger: this is the spirit behind this must-see event for every industry involved in golf, a fundamental activity in developing tourism, sports and industry in Spain.

Unigolf is growing in size, with 2,600 meters of exhibition space available for businesses, tripling the space available last year due to growing demand. There will also be more activities, many never seen before at a golf fair in Spain: participation, tournaments, drawings, live demonstrations, exhibits and more than a few surprises involving the Ryder Cup.

Golf is fortunate to have a Trade Show at the industrial centre of Spain, where they can offer their products, present new offers, announce campaigns, find new customers, open up markets and carry out sales activities that are vital to any business. The response so far has been outstanding.

“We are very pleased. The growth over the last year is exponential and so many companies have already confirmed that they want to be at IFEMA on the first weekend in March. It’s going to be a golf meet-up like nothing we’ve ever seen. An excellent attraction for businesses and individuals alike. There will be something for everyone and plenty of surprises,” assures Mercedes Monasterio, the Sales Manager of UNIGOLF.

Unigolf is already a benchmark in Spain, in fact it has been for years, but the objective is to keep growing in 2018 and the years to come. In this regard, the union of the industry is absolute.

A good example is the historic meeting that took place on December 18 at the headquarters of the Higher Council of Sports with all the parties involved in golf. Present were Gonzaga Escauriaza, president of the Real Federación Española de Golf (the Spanish Royal Golf Federation); Claudia Hernández, president of the Asociación de Campos de Golf de España (Spanish Golf Course Association); Salvador Álvarez, president of the Asociación de Gerentes de Campos de Golf (Association of Golf Course Managers); Francisco Carvajal, president of the Asociación de Greenkeepers (Greenkeepers’ Association); Carlos González, director of IFEMA Business Development, and Rocío Aguirre. From this extraordinary conclave came the firm and decided commitment from everyone to make Unigolf a benchmark in Europe and around the world.

“Because of its destination and capacity, Spain needs to have a Fair that will be the envy of every other country, a place of welcoming, meeting, and industrial development where everyone wants to be.” This was the main idea at the summit at the CSD and everyone involved has made great strides to achieve that goal. The first step will be at Unigolf 2018, in less than two months. The Golf Fair will grow, it will bring together anyone and everyone who has something to say in the golf world and the objective is for it to be too small even then. There is every indication that that will happen. Best not to get left behind.

For the catalogue of last year’s 69 exhibitors click HERE


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