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PGA of America Fully On-Board with AGIF

10.15am 3rd July 2020 - Corporate

An Executive Member of the AGIF (Asian Golf Industry Federation) the PGA of America has, for the first time, representation on the Federation’s Board in the shape of Sean Thornberry, Senior Account Executive, Global Development.

“Our mission at the PGA to grow the game ties in with that of the AGIF,” said Thornberry, who was born and raised in Dubai before moving to the United States to further his studies en route to becoming a Class ‘A’ member of the PGA.

“Greater collaboration within the game is so important and it’s great for us to have a voice at the AGIF table. For me, learning from others on the Board and the Federation, it’s not only for our benefit, but for everyone’s benefit. The AGIF is certainly going in the right direction,” said Thornberry, speaking during the latest in a series of AGIF podcasts with prominent figures from the golf industry. 

Sean Thornberry

He added: “What the AGIF has been doing for the last 10 years in the industry, we probably should have been doing it alongside them much sooner. We’re over 100 years old and really only in the past few years have we been proactive rather than reactive to the global industry.

“I recently re-read the AGIF objectives and something stood out to me – the line that ‘the AGIF seeks to assist the golf industry in Asia to take the next step in development towards a sustainable industry.’ That’s exactly what we’re trying to do at the PGA.

“That is the tie-in to our mission – looking at the opportunities and the education that the Asian Golf Industry Federation has focused on, such as growing skilled labour within the region, the best practices, the communication channels that they’re providing, legitimising the golf community, creating a network in the region over the past 10 years. That’s something we want to be a part of.

“Asia for us is a massive market. The PGA has become closer and more involved with the AGIF and there’s so much opportunity.”

Thornberry cited the recent launch of an Individual Member category as the latest move to make the AGIF more inclusive.

He said: “Setting up the Individual Membership is a great thing, trying to introduce and provide ease of access for individuals in Asia that are wanting either to work in the industry or just get more involved and gain more knowledge.

“It’s been fantastic getting to know the AGIF and the other Board members and all the good that the Federation is doing. I hope that myself, as well as the PGA of America, can continue to contribute.”

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